4G & 5G Broadband Installation

High-speed internet access without a phone line.

4G & 5G broadband connections offer a great solution when you are unable to get a reliable internet connection.

Antenna for 4G installed in Somerset

Mobile broadband for remote locations

We can now install a 4G router with dedicated antenna for FREE under the Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) 4G voucher scheme.
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4G & 5G broadband is a great alternative to a traditional telephone line

It is ideal for remote, rural locations that suffer from a slow or unreliable internet connection. 4G offers speeds of up-to 150mbps download. Some of our customers have told us it has changed their lives, making it possible to work from home, stream HD TV and browse the internet.

Somerset Comms are able to install a 4G broadband system anywhere in Somerset, including Taunton, Chard, Illminster, Wellington, Bridgewater, Glastonbury.

We also provide rural broadband services in Devon, click here for more information.

5G is slowly being rolled out across Somerset and offers faster speeds up to 500Mbps+