The Scheme is now closed to new applicants – we have helped over 600 customers improve their connectivity across Somerset


Connecting Devon and Somerset Mobile Voucher Scheme

Somerset Comms were proud to be part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) 4G mobile boost voucher scheme. Under the scheme we were able to install a 4G router with dedicated external antenna to help residential users and businesses get online where fixed line broadband services are not adequate.

The voucher was worth £600.00 and covered the total cost of a standard 4G router, high-gain external MIMO antenna and all the installation work.

The equipment helped improve your broadband, give you a faster WiFi connection and enable you to use WiFi calling on your mobile phone.

To validate the government voucher, all you needed to do was show evidence to us that a new SIM only monthly data plan has been taken out with one of the mobile networks. Typical costs for an unlimited 4G data plan are around £25.00 on Three, £30.00-40.00 on Vodafone and £35.00-45.00 on EE.

The voucher scheme is now coming to a close. Please contact us to secure your installation if you already have a voucher code. We can complete installs until 31st March 2023.

The Installation – What to Expect

On the day of your installation an engineer will assess which mobile broadband services are available at your location. The engineer will then advise which service is giving you the best speeds and will then make a recommendation.

The installation comprises of a 4G WiFi router which sits inside your home/business and an external antenna which is attached with a small pole to the outside of your property. The engineer will need to drill a small hole in an external wall to run the cable from the router to the antenna.

If the router is located away from the area in your property where you want to use the WiFi, the engineer will be able to recommend a MESH network and other connectivity options.

In order to qualify for free installation the end user will need to provide proof that a new mobile data SIM plan has been taken out with the mobile provider of your choice.

We will take a £125.00+VAT (£150.00) deposit on the day of your installation which will be refunded once proof that a plan has been taken out has been provided.

We are able to supply very competitive data plans on the EE and Vodafone networks to business owners and the self-employed. If you take out a data plan through us then no deposit is required.

So that you can use your new service on the day we can help you set-up a pay-as-you-go SIM card with a data bundle to get you going.