High-speed internet access right across Somerset.

Hardware now reduced to £300 from £460 – rental now possible for £15 per month!

Starlink is now live in the UK and is available right across Exmoor.

High-speed broadband is now available in remote areas where reliable, fast internet connections are not available.

Low-latency high-performance broadband enables business and domestic users to operate in remote locations.

Starlink Business is now available in Exmoor to order – speeds up-to 350Mbps download

Somerset Comms Starlink Dish installer Dish Installation

We will install your Starlink satellite dish and get you online

Somerset was one of the first places in the world to have access to the new Starlink broadband internet service.

Starlink promises to transform the way rural areas connect to the internet with speeds of up to 200mbps download and 20mbps+ upload. Running a business from home will now be possible even in the most remote areas of Somerset like Chard, Illminster, Glastonbury, Wellington, Taunton and Bridgewater.

How our service works:

1. Starlink requires a clear view of the Northern sky. Depending on the orientation and location of your property, we generally find that there is a suitable place to install the equipment. If you are in any doubt, please ring us and we can help you. As the distance between the Starlink satellite dish (Dishy) and router is fixed, we may need to help you install some additional networking equipment to get your internet connection to the right place.

2. You will need place the order with Starlink directly. Here is a link to the website. If you’re unable to find your address, please give us a call and we’ll identify the right Google Plus code for your location. Please let us know when you have successfully placed an order for our records – you can either give us a ring or e-mail

3. Once you receive your equipment, please get in touch us and we’ll arrange for one of our friendly installers to come and configure your hardware.

Starlink Business is now available at a reduced price of £150.00 per month

Starlink Business is now available in the UK at a reduced price of £150.00 per month. This offers a significant discount on the original price of the service at £400.00 and is much better value than leased lines and dedicated ethernet circuits. A major benefit of the Starlink system compared to leased lines is that your are not tied into a long term contract (often 3-5 years). Once your hardware is purchased it belongs to you and you can cancel the service at anytime. You can find out more information about Starlink Business on their new webpage –

Call us on 01823 802822 if you need your Starlink Business hardware installing. We will help you get your system in the right place and make sure it is working properly.